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      [1] Frontenac au Ministre, 20 Oct., 1691.

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      Amherst on Lake George ? Capture of Ticonderoga and Crown Point ? Delays of Amherst ? Niagara Expedition ? La Corne attacks Oswego ? His Repulse ? Niagara besieged ? Aubry comes to its Relief ? Battle ? Rout of the French ? The Fort taken ? Isle-aux-Noix ? Amherst advances to attack it ? Storm ? The Enterprise abandoned ? Rogers attacks St. Francis ? Destroys the Town ? Sufferings of the Rangers.

      Ticonderoga is a high rocky promontory between Lake Champlain on the north and the mouth of the outlet of Lake George on the south. Near its extremity and close to the fort were still encamped the two battalions under Bourlamaque, while bateaux and canoes were passing incessantly up the river of the outlet. There were scarcely two miles of navigable water, at the end of which the stream fell foaming over a high ledge of rock that barred the way. Here the French were building a saw-mill; and a wide space had been cleared to form an encampment defended on all sides by an abattis, within which stood the tents of the battalions of La Reine, La Sarre, Languedoc, and Guienne, all commanded by Lvis. Above the cascade the stream circled through the forest in a series of beautiful rapids, and from the camp of Lvis a road a mile and a half long had been cut to the navigable water above. At the end of this road there was another fortified camp, formed of colony regulars, Canadians, and Indians, under Rigaud. It was scarcely a mile farther to Lake George, where on the western side there was an outpost, chiefly of Canadians and Indians; while advanced parties were stationed at Bald Mountain, 478V2 sent to the place, with orders to intrench itself, and Repentigny, lieutenant of Lvis, was posted not far off with eleven hundred Canadians.

      V2 retreating French without delay, and attack them at Isle-aux-Noix before they had finished their fortifications. And if, at the same time, he had directed Prideaux, instead of attacking Niagara, to co-operate with him by descending the St. Lawrence towards Montreal, the prospect was good that the two armies would have united at the place, and ended the campaign by the reduction of all Canada. In this case Niagara and all the western posts would have fallen without a blow.

      V1 Yet is was free like the rest, with the same popular representation and local self-government. Edward Cornwallis, uncle of Lord Cornwallis of the Revolutionary War, was made governor and commander-in-chief. Wolfe calls him "a man of approved courage and fidelity;" and even the caustic Horace Walpole speaks of him as "a brave, sensible young man, of great temper and good nature."

      [105] Public Documents of Nova Scotia, 197.[188] Particulars in Entick, I. 121.


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      215V2 Wolfe on the other. They might desert to their homes, or they might stand by their colors; in the one case their houses were to be burned by French savages, and in the other by British light infantry.


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