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      I have witnessed all the people during the very earliest days of the war. I came to Lige, passing between the forts, as described already. I was in Lixhe when the pontoon bridge was wrecked repeatedly by Fort Pontisse; I stayed at Vis three times before the destruction began, and I was there when the charming townlet was wrecked by fire; and in Louvain I have been dragged from my bed by six soldiers and arrested, when the whole town was still ablaze."Ah well, be you a Fleming?"

      And suppose you could only read it on this condition: that you

      I meant to cheer you up--and instead I have to cheer myself."In which street?"

      If I were only a member of your family (a very distant fourth cousin)

      Other soldiers kept on running into the burning houses, carrying out vases, pictures, plate, or small pieces of furniture. They smashed everything on81 the cobbles and then returned to wreck more things that would have been destroyed by the fire all the same. It was a revelry of drunken vandalism. They seemed mad, and even risked being burned alive at this work of destruction. Most of the officers were also tipsy; not one of them was saluted by the soldiers.


      As we go nearer, gothic towers are distinguishable among the buildingsfaint reminiscences of Chester, clumsily revived under the burning light of white Asia.He began at once to draw a horse so well and so boldly that murmurs arose.


      "In Alsace the French are near the Rhine."miles to the station through the most glorious October colouring.


      She had not done so, however, and had even consented to his plan of their both leaving France and taking refuge with her father in Spain. She wished no harm to M. de Fontenay, and although in spite of all that had happened she still believed in the Revolution, its principles, and future results, she was horrified at the cruelty and atrocities going on around her at present.


      he would naturally just sit down and say, `The Lord's will be done,'