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      "Harry's got a wife and children to keephe cudn't help us; and Johnnie's never m?ade more'n fifteen shilling a week since the war.""By the green wax!" said Black Jack, approaching at this instant, "as I stood yonder, reconnoitring the ground, a man shewed his head behind that ruined wall!"

      The abbot turned pale with rage as he beheld the somewhat abashed Skipwith enter.

      "God speed you!" cried Holgrave, as the galleyman turned away, and grasped his hand: "God speed you! and reward you for this night: and if ever you or yours are in want of a friend, remember Stephen Holgrave." The galleyman hastily pressed the extended hand, and, springing to the gate, was in an instant on his horse, and galloping in the track of his companions, pursued, but in vain, by the arrows of the abbey retainers.

      "Will you come up and help me unpack?"It was over.

      "Well, is it? I reckon it ?un't the last word on your wife.""I hear you had some sleep this afternoon."

      Dodd heard the words echoing in his mind that night, and the next night, and the next. All that she had said:

      "Ben, I'm your wife."