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      I have, said Mr. Pinchook.

      Yes, Esmeralda, he said, breathlessly. Im here. Did you think I should not come after you? Did you think I should not know where you had gone when you took flight?

      "Blown up! Blown up with that poor old man in the powder-mill! Ah, what do we know about money, Captain Kincaid, we silly women? That poor, innocent child, she lent it to the old gentleman. His theories, they were so convincing, and she, she was so ambitious to do a great patriotic service. 'Twas to make wonders for the powder and gun, and to be return' in three days. But that next day 'twas Sunday, and whiles I was kneeling in the church the powder, the gun, the old man and the money--""By--! sir, I am!"

      Never broke down or cried once! said Ffoulkes, with an enthusiasm and admiration born of champagne, and the relief of having got through the speech which had haunted him for weeks past and made his life a burden. Never saw anything like it. Give you my word that I should have fainted at the very least. Awful ceremony! Enough to keep any thinking man single for the whole of his life. I say, old chap, hadnt we better be getting our togs together? Wont do to keep the bride waiting, you know; bad example; though, by gad! they dont want any example in that business, as a rule.

      Her cheeks flushed and her eyes gazed at him reproachfully."Captain Irby," Flora softly asked with her tinge of accent, "is not this the third time?"


      As the reflection lingered in his mind, he heard the soft thud, thud of horses feet. It came so softly as to seem rather a part of his waking dreams than reality. He sat motionless for a moment or two; then he remembered the drivers warning, and, dismounting from his horse, cautiously drew it behind a projecting rock, and watched and listened.



      "You must say? What must you say?"And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!