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      "There was very little to tell."

      "Hadn't I better go out of the room while you are holding your consultation about me?" exclaimed Isola, fretfully. "It's rather hard upon the patient to hear her case discussed in cold blood. I am tired of declaring that I have not been ill, and that it is my misfortune and not my fault to have a pale complexion."

      The Palace of Wusterhausen.Wilhelmina and Fritz.Education of the Crown Prince.Rising Dislike of the Father for his Son.The Mothers Sympathy.The double Marriage.Character of George I.The King of England visits Berlin.Wilhelminas Account of the Interview.Sad Fate of the Wife of George I.The Giant Guard.Despotism of Frederick William.The Tobacco Parliament.A brutal Scene.Death of George I.The Royal Family of Prussia.Augustus, King of Poland.Corruption of his Court.Cruel Treatment of Fritz.Insane Conduct of the King.

      "Only one little corner of France."

      Prince von Kaunitz desired that her picture of the Sibyl should be exhibited for a fortnight in his salon, where all the court and town came to see it. Mme. Le Brun made also the acquaintance of the celebrated painter of battles, Casanova.


      The same evening I found on my table a [314] letter carefully enclosed in a double envelope, addressed


      Fritz, having thus established his outposts, was accustomed to retire to his room with his teacher, lay aside his tight-fitting Prussian military coat, which he detested, and called his shroud, draw on a very beautiful, flowing French dressing-gown of scarlet, embroidered with gold, and decorated with sash and tags, and, with his hair dressed in the most fashionable style of the French court, surrender himself to the indulgence of his own luxurious tastes for sumptuous attire as well as for melodious sounds. He was thus, one day, in the height of his enjoyment, taking his clandestine music-lesson, when Lieutenant Katte came rushing into the room in the utmost dismay, with the announcement that the king was at the door. The wily and ever-suspicious monarch had stolen the march upon them. He was about to make his son a very unwelcome surprise visit.


      The French Ambassador, Count dEsterhazy, said that he would come at ten and take her to djeuner with his wife, who was just then living at Czarskoiesolo. For the first time during her wandering life from court to court, Lisette felt intimidated, and trembled. This was so different from any of her former experiences. At every other court she had been en pays de connaissance. Austrian society was very like Parisian, Rome was the centre of Christendom, the sovereigns of the lesser Italian states were the near relations of her own King and Queen, their religion was the same.