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      Norma paced to the window and looked out, but the day was gray: she saw only her own reflection. "Something happened," she murmured. "Iguess I had too much to drink. I wanted to talk."

      "Harry!" cried Naomi, as if someone were strangling her."Well, let's hope as he's found it worth while now as he's lost two wives and eight children," was the sage comment of old Vennal of Burntbarns.

      Caro, regardless of the suet on her hands, hid her face in them.

      The boys leaned on their muskets and watched the awful spectacle with dazed eyes. It seemed far more terrible even than the ordeal through which they had just been.

      There was silence.


      "I'm in training enough to whip boys. Stand clear!"


      "That's why I've got to m?ake un one, surelye."


      ... rich in the metals that kept the Terran Confederation goingone vital link in a galaxy-wide civilization. But the men of Fruyling's World lived on borrowed time, knowing that slavery was outlawed throughout the Confederationand that only the slave labor of the reptilian natives could produce the precious metals the Confederation needed!