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      Norman regarded her with wondering admiration.Eh, what? I beg your pardon?

      Amid kind greetings from Captain Bartleson and others the eyes of the two--Hilary's so mettlesome, Ferry's so placid--exchanged meanings, and the pair went and sat alone on the trail of a gun; on Roaring Betsy's knee, as it were. There Hilary heard of the strange fair guide and of news told by her which brought him to his feet with a cry of joy that drew the glad eyes of half the battery.

      Spare us both! he said, sternly. Do not force me to formulate the wrong you have done me. Let it be taken for granted that my knowledge of your sin is as full and complete as your own.

      "Coffee black, Gen'al, o' co'se?"

      "Ah!" murmured the critic, as who should say, "checkmate!"Varley smiled again. Taffy brought up the mare presently, and Varley mounted, surrounded by the whole camp. He looked round, with a touch of his old insouciance breaking through the stern determination written in every line of his face, flashing in the dark, somber eyes.


      Great heavens! dont you know? I was wired for that morning. My mother was ill; she is ill now. I have only just left her. She will tell you: go to her.She took up her life where she had left it the day Mr. Pinchook had taken her away. Her beautiful horse had been kept for her, as if everybody had expected her to come back, and it welcomed her as if he had been parted from her for only a few days. She strolled about the camp, sat on the edge of the claims, rode up the valley and over the hills with Varley or some of the boys, and took her share in the household duties in the hut, just as of old.


      Ah! did Anna "rim-emb'r" a despatch-boat of unrivalled speed whose engines Hilary Kin--?


      But she need not neglect you in doing so, said Esmeralda, na?vely.Naught can so nigh please me as my tender anguish.