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      "Wot about?""Why, I was just loading my gun, when I saw him, and as I went to put on the cap you were shaking so that it jarred the cap out of my hand, and before I could get another, the smoke became so thick I couldn't see anything."

      "I'm coming to help you, Reuben. You'll never tackle them rootsesit ?un't everything you can do surelye!"

      The lances uplifted, the trumpets unblown."

      "NoI d?an't. I'm all ag?unst teaching poor people anything and setting them above theirselves. It's different fur their betters. Now I've got six boys, and they can all read and write and cast accounts."

      As the first hints of the truth about Fruyling's World emerge, the tension becomes unbearableto be resolved only in the shattering climax of this fast-paced, thought-provoking story of one of today's most original young writers."He's down enough now, surelye! I saw him only yesterday by the Glotten meadows, and there was a look in his eye as I'll never forget."


      Pete ministered to him with a strange devotion, which he carried finally to the pitch of putting him into his own bed. The absence of so many of the children did not make much more room in the house, as Reuben's ideas on sleeping had always been compactalso there were the little boys, the new dairy woman, and a big store of potatoes. Pete's large untidy bed was the only available accommodation, and Albert was glad of it, for he had reached the last stage of exhaustion.Then two days before the end he came. As she was[Pg 304] standing by the barn door he appeared at the horse-pond, and crossed over to her at once. He had seen that she was waiting for himperhaps he had seen it on half a dozen other occasions when she had not seen him.



      He digged it for his brother,