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      Yes, he said, almost impatiently. Why should she not? She wanted to see Lady Wyndover aboutabout something, I forget what. Why do you stare at me, Lilias? Then, as he saw the tears start afresh from her eyes, he went on, remorsefully: Forgive me; I scarcely know what I am saying. It is so suddenso sudden! Yes, I am glad that she has gone. The words stuck in his throat, but he managed to get them out. He must lie for the present, at any rate. Soon the hideous fact must be known, and all the lying in the world would be of no use; but he would screen her, hide the shameful thing as long as he could. It is a good thing; she[246] would have been terribly frightened andand cut up. I will go to London directlyas soon as I canand break the news to her.

      Yes, she assented. She is next to royalty itself; all the other women make way for her, and everybody treats her as if she were made of something better than ordinary flesh and blood. If you had seen, as I have, a whole room full of people begin to flutter and turn with toadying, simpering smiles when a duke or a duchess entered!

      "There is no 'unless.' There can't ever be any.""What! let myself--?"

      Very well, said Esmeralda. I will be married whenever you please.

      Lord Chesterleigh came up and spoke to him, and he scarcely knew what Chesterleigh was saying or what he himself responded. Esmeralda seemed to evade him like a will-o-the-wisp; from whatever part of the room she was standing or sitting there came bursts and ripples of laughter; those who were not immediately round her or talking to her were talking of her. Old Lady Desford sung her praises in the dukes ready ear.Two footmen, in the dark claret livery, stood, almost as statuesque as the figures in armor, at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to receive the marquis and his commands.


      Will it do? asked Esmeralda, calmly looking down at the dress.Do you mean that he has been bad to you? he asked. Remember that I am your guardian.


      And theyve got the mail, said one, with an oathWere on, Varley! responded Bill, briefly. Heres the boys accordin to orders; but they dont know what games afoot.


      I see, said Esmeralda. Poor young man! Tell me who that is who has just come in, andlook! all the gentlemen are bowing and the ladies courtesying. Why on earth do they do that? I mean the little fat man, with the broad blue ribbon across his waistcoat.