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      I am not so presumptuousso idiotically conceitedas to dream that you should, he went on. But you may care for me in time. All I will ask you now is that you will try to do so; that you will let me try to win you for my wife. Will you do that?[232]

      How handsome Lord Norman has grown! she said, after a silence. That boyish way of his is very taking. He has[211] been making quite a number of conquests since he came back; some of the women declare that he is irresistible.

      When he found she did not speak, he turned to the door and unlocked it. Even then he paused.

      Cant say, sir, replied the clerk. The berths were[265] booked with the agent himself. I only came on for the nightwork, and didnt see the gentleman.

      I confessI denynothing! she said. Give me my letter!Our double refined oil without smell, murmured Lord Selvaine; but he nodded encouragingly to Norman.


      He stood looking at her for a moment, his face as white as hers. He even took a step toward her: but she put out her[101] hand, with a gesture almost imperial, and he took up his hat and went."Oh, he really did not, Con. He talked of nothing but the battery flag and how, because I'd presented it, they would forever and ever and ever and ever--" She waved her hands sarcastically.


      Flora's brow sank.


      You should know better than I, said Mr. Pinchook, dryly. Lady Wyndover speaks of an early marriage; and, if you will allow me to say so, I think it can not be too early. Why should you wait?