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      "Yes, that's it." Got licked at Dalton on Thursday;

      Much more was written in this strain on both sides, and Colonel MacDonald hired a band of youths to parade the streets singing:

      The daughter must be the girl who was talking to him now. She sat on a little stool by the fire, and had brought out some sewing.

      Alf Russell's interest in anatomy had led him to join Serg't Wilson's party in gathering up the ghastly fragments of bodies, but the sights were too much for his nerves, and as he perceived that he was growing sick at the stomach he went over to Shorty's squad.



      "No, Reuben, I could never do anything but fight your schemes. I think you are wasting and spoiling your life, and there's no use expecting me to stand by you."She became inexpressibly dear to him during those meetings. Her timidity and innocence charmed him so completely that he preserved them longer than he had at first felt inclined to do. His vanity was tickled to think that though she was past thirty he was the first man who had kissed her. She was not bad-looking, either, with her straight black brows and huge eyesin spite of toil she did not look her years, and during the weeks of his courtship she seemed to grow younger and prettier, she grew daintier. Yet she largely retained the qualities that had first attracted him, her admiration for him was unbounded and guilelessly expressedshe would listen in tender reverence to his yarns, and received his caresses with a humble gratitude that went straight to his heart.