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      "The General himself," said Si."I'll toast some crackers for you," added a fourth.

      "Just wait," said Shorty hopefully. "Old Rosy knows what he's doin'. He's got enough here for the business."

      With his heart full of hope and joy, the Deacon bustled around to make every possible preparation for the journey.

      "I'm right smart on the trip, aint I," she grinned. "I never seed a man yit that I couldn't throw in any sort of a rastle."

      For awhile this had seemed funny to the troops waiting to cross, and they had yelled and laughed themselves hoarse at the mishaps of their comrades. Now the fun had all evaporated and everybody was morose, with a strong tendency to outbreaks of profanity.


      "Plague take it, Shorty," said he, kicking his snoring partner, "you're at your old tricks again scrougin' me out o' the tent while I'm asleep. Why can't you lay still, like a white man?"


      for a week, with reference to its being attacked. It won't


      "Dern' a Major or a Colonel don't make it much better," said Si, obdurately, but with much more respect.