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      At this moment the boy covered with buttons entered.The royal barge then returned to the Tower, and John Ball was again the tenant of a dungeon.

      He drew back from her a little. Why should she lie to him about her tears?

      Lord Inverbroom held out his hand.

      He did not move. His head and shoulders were now nothing but a dark block against the purple and blue of the sky. The moon hung just above him like a copper dish."Then, my lord, I call that man a liar, because he said he found the parchment in the steward's room; and I call him a traitor and a liar, because he got Stephen Holgrave out of the forest of Dean, by saying, that of his own good will, he helped to lay his mother in a church-yard, when he was paid in good broad pieces for doing the work."

      "Edith Holgrave," said she, "gave me some medicine to"

      The Doctor explained that legal tender was the money which the law declares should be the proper tender, or offer, in paying a debt. "If[Pg 26] I owed your father a hundred dollars," said he, "I could not compel him to accept the whole amount in ten-cent pieces, or twenty-five-cent pieces, or even in half-dollars. When the government issues a coin, it places a limit for which that coin can be a legal tender. Thus the ten-cent piece is a legal tender for all debts of one dollar or less, and the half-dollar for debts of five dollars or less."I vewy sowwy, he said. I be dood to-morrow!


      Keeling had one moment of sheer surprise: he had been perfectly sure of being elected. Then without any conscious feeling of rancour or disappointment, his mind passed direct to what he had already determined to do if this contingency, which since the opening of the hospital-wing he had thought impossible, actually occurred.I shall be obliged if you will. I have a certain reason for wishing it. Its a rubbishy reason enough, and I neednt bother you with it.


      "Then they must be compelled to surrender the bondman.Calverley," continued the lady, turning to the steward; "can you rely on your information?"


      "Rose ...""Not if we stick to the farm. Did you notice that ring on his little finger?"