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      Oh! my lord, my lord! he gasped, and turned back into the room wringing his hands.

      You will catch cold, he said; and that matters. As he spoke he took off his Norfolk jacket. Let me put this on? he said.

      Trafford took his arm away impatiently.

      He cut a blush-rose and held it in his hand for a minute or two, then with an affectation of carelessness, he held it out to her. She took it with a little feeling of surprise which she carefully concealed, and put the blossom in the bosom of her dress. He looked at it for a moment, and then turned his eyes away.

      Remotely in the terror's sad eyes glimmered a smile that was more than half satisfaction. "You might as well call him a coward," she murmured.


      For a moment or two the woman was unable to grasp the good fortune that had befallen herliterally befallen her; then she picked up the bracelet that had rolled into the gutter, stared at it, gazed up at Esmeralda, and, as Esmeralda nodded smilingly, and called down, Yes, its for you; you are to keep it, the womans face broke up, as it were, and she burst into tears, caused as much by the shock as appreciation and gratitude for the gift. Her lips moved, and both Esmeralda and Trafford felt that she was saying, God bless you. She stood for a moment or two, then hurried on, but at the corner they saw her stop for a moment or two, and look back at them, as if she had not as yet even realized what had happened. Esmeralda turned to Trafford with a laugh, her eyes sparkling, her face and manner very much indeed like a school-girl.


      "I said if I couldn't keep him at home I ought to get him into the cavalry. You know, dear, in the infantry the marches are so cruel, the camps so--"


      Now and again a shepherd or a small farmer, or a woman[89] with a little child, or a boy with a sack, met him, and they, one and all, knew him, and stood aside to let him pass, touching their hats or courtesying with silent respect as if he were a prince; and now and again Trafford stopped and said a few words in his pleasant, grave voice, and the individuals thus favored went on their way glowing with pride to tell, as quickly as they could, how they had just met the marquis, and that he had spoken to them quite friendly and sociable-like.CHAPTER XVII.