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      Esmeralda gazed at him, speechless. Had he gone mad? Shameful secret! What did he, what could he mean?

      Ive read of that sort of thing, she said. Yes, I can understand it, she added, almost to herself.

      "Except destitution!" said the grandmother.Wherever she is, she must have heard of my fathers death. If she had not gone off with Norman she would have written, telegraphedcome back as fast as horses, trains, could bring her.

      I have had a splendid time, he remarked to Norman one evening, as the two men were standing on the cliffs, watching the men at work at the new Belfayre watering-place. A splendid time, he repeated. I imagine that I have seen pretty nearly everything that is worth seeing, and have met with as much kindness as will last me for the remainder of my abandoned life. He paused and looked at his cigarette attentively. I have made the acquaintance of princes, and dukes, and lords, and ladies of high degree; have seen all the wonders of this remarkable little island of yours, and I am both delighted and grateful. But there is one person whom I had hoped to meet and exchange a few words with when I came to England; in fact, it was one of my principal reasons for coming.She, too, looked pale, and her lips were drawn tightly.

      Whether he so designed it or not, the contrast between his levity and Anna's agitation convinced Flora, Madame, all, that the weapon's only value to the lovers was sentimental. "Or religious," thought the detective, whose adjectives could be as inaccurate as his divinations. While he conjectured, Anna spoke once more to Hilary. Her vehement words were too soft for any ear save his, but their tenor was so visible, her distress so passionate and her firmness of resolve so evident that every mere beholder fell back, letting the Callender-Valcour group, with Steve and the gentle detective, press closer. With none of them, nor yet with Hilary, was there anything to argue; their plight seemed to her hopeless. For them to marry, for her to default, and for him to fly, all in one mad hour--one whirlwind of incident--"It cannot be!" was all she could say, to sister, to stepmother, to Flora, to Hilary again: "We cannot do it! I will not!--till that lost thing is found!"

      She went out on to the corridor, not stealthily, though her footfall made no sound on the thick piled carpet. She wished to leave Belfayre unseen and unheard; but, though every man and woman had stood in her way and tried to bar her progress, she would have walked through them; no one should stop her.

      Then, so long, said Varley, laconically; and the men, with their mouths set grimly, rode quietly away.


      She did not turn to greet him with a smile, but stood quite still, quite motionless.


      He would have dashed off to Belfayre then and there, but he could not leave his mother; and he did the next best thing to goingsat down and wrote a letter to Traffordthe letter of a close and dear friendand adding that the moment he could leave his mother he would hasten to Belfayre on the chance of being some use. He sent his love to Esmeralda, and his kind regards to Lilias. Then he posted his letter with his own hands, and returned to his mothers bedside to mourn; for the duke had always been very good to him, and he loved the old man.


      Hilary loved the theme. The lives of those boys were in his hands; at times to be hoarded, at times to be spent, in sudden awful junctures to be furiously squandered. He did not say this, but the thought was in both of them and drew them closer, though neither moved. The boat rounded to, her engines stopped, an officer came aboard from a skiff, and now she was under way again and speeding up stream on her return, but Hilary and Anna barely knew it. He began to talk of the boys' sweethearts. Of many of their tender affairs he was confidentially informed. Yes, to be frank, he confessed he had prompted some fellows to let their hearts lead them, and to pitch in and win while--