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      Im sorry for that, said Esmeralda. Not that it mattersI shouldnt have gone.

      Bill the postman glanced round with an air of triumph and satisfaction.For two nights and three days, Dick had thus been forced to keep watch over him, not daring to leave him for a moment, lest he should do himself irremediable harm, during his absence. Nor was he disinclined to the task. Bergan had won all his heart by the courtesy and consideration with which he had uniformly treated him, no less than his admiration by his fearless, upright character. "Your nephew has all my best proverbs in his life, whereas, I only have them in my head," he had once remarked to the Major, by way of lavishing his choicest encomium upon the rejected heir; and he now did his best for the young man's comfort and cure, with the somewhat meagre appliances at his command. In the way of nourishment, the cabin afforded only a little tea and beef broth; in the way of medicine, nothing but two or three soothing herb-drinks, cold water, pure air, and perfect silence. With the three last, however, nature can work wonders; and, in this case, she wrought so effectively that, on the afternoon of the third day, Bergan sank into a quiet sleep, to awake in great weakness, but fully himself.

      "Fond of him! After you he is all that I have in this worldexcept Allegra, who will float away into a world of her own by-and-by, and belong to us no more."

      If its medicine, Im sure I wont, said Esmeralda, emphatically. Ive never had any since I got the measles; and this business cant be as bad as that!

      "Then that must have been Lord Lostwithiel who passed as just now; and yet you would have known him, wouldn't you?"




      The footman brought in the tea, and, looking very petite and girlish, she presided over it with simple dignity.