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      Trafford! she said.

      "But before he took the train with you," murmured the mosquito to the butterfly, "when he said the General was going to take Irby upon his staff and give the battery to Kincaid, what did you talk of?"

      I suppose not, said Ada. Some day he will meet the[111] lady who is fated to be his wife. She will be a very lucky person, dont you think?


      Dreadful! This is dreadful, my lord! he said. What is to be done? There is only one thing: if the marquis would only do it.


      I dont know whether you mind not having a groom, said Trafford, as she and Lady Wyndover came out; but mine has hurt his leg, and I hate having a strange man.


      "Is there any reason under heaven why Anna Callender shouldn't go to bed and have glad dreams?"