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      Will you not take this thing off my head?

      They can knock them off now, Lady Lilias, said Varley; and the gallant little speech, uttered in his languid, drawling way, and with the Varley smile, won Liliass heart on the spot.

      Maxime put Gibbs on Greenleaf's horse (as bidden), and was about to lead him, when Kincaid galloped back.

      Trafford looked stupidly at his arm.

      "Doesn't he sing it yet?" asked Mrs. Callender.

      You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.They will know you presently, he said in a low voice.


      Are you hurt? he asked, anxiously.


      "Except destitution!" said the grandmother.


      Esmeraldas hand closed tightly, and she raised her head and looked at Lady Adas pale face for an instant, then lowered her eyes.