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      POLEMARCHUS, SON OF CALLIAS. Accused of fraud. Sentenced by the Forty to loss of the rights of citizenship and forfeiture of property. The decree DECLARED INVALID by the dicasts of the people because founded on the deposition of a false witness.Is the door closed, Norman? Do you think they can hear us in the drawing-room? You really should be careful, sir.

      But it was only now this spent look had come. Until lately you might have seen entire brigades of stout-hearted men in camps near by: Camps Benjamin, Walker, Pulaski and, up in the low pine hills of Tangipahoa, Camp Moore. From Camp Lewis alone, in November, on that plain where Kincaid's Battery had drilled before it was Kincaid's, the Bienville, Crescent City and many similar "Guards," Miles' Artillery, the Orleans Light Horse, the Orleans Howitzers, the Orleans Guards, the Tirailleurs d'Orlans, etc., had passed in front of Governor Moore and half a dozen generals, twenty-four thousand strong.

      A hoarse kind of roar, low and threatening, arose from the Three Star men. Varley held up his hand to command silence.

      "When I hands in my checks, O, my ladies!"

      I know what you mean, Norman, she said in a very low voice, and Im very grateful to you. If ever I am in any trouble that you can help me in, I will come to you.

      "In your prayers to-night, my dear Constance, just thank God your husband is, at any rate, without the sense of humor--Stop, my friends! Let me finish!"

      6 The Cychreans were obliged to be content with this, but each man in secret carefully examined his weapons; no one believed himself safe.


      "--oh! oh!"



      "'Twould have been little!--to make him rich!--and us also!"