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      No. Go to your father. It was a righteous murder.

      Instantly Flora spoke: "Go, Adolphe Irby, go! Ah, snatch your luck, you lucky--man! Get him away to-night, cost what cost!" Her fingers pushed him. He kissed them. She murmured approvingly, but tore them away: "Go, go, go-o!"

      XI IN COLUMN OF PLATOONSIf you are not angry I do not mind. You can not think that I wanted to come? Have you been well? she broke off to ask, looking at him intently.

      At the sound of her voice, Lady Ada made an affected start and looked round."'Tis I, Anna, dear. 'Tis Flora." She was mindful of the sentry, but all his attention was in the busy hall.


      "My boy! If ever you like this one she'll no more seem small than the open sea."



      A man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife."Oh, doggon me. The moment that boat's gun sounds--if only you're out o' the way--I'll make a try. Go! for Heaven's sake, go!"