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      "Let's see your conies," he said briefly.To-day he did not at once pass through the doors beyond which lay the garden of enchantment. Mrs Goodford had irritated him beyond endurance, and what irritated him even more than her rudeness was the fact that he had allowed it to upset him. He had thought himself safe from annoyance by virtue of his own contempt, but her gibe about the stale fish had certainly pricked him in spite of its utter falsity. He would have{34} liked to cut off his usual Christmas present which enabled her to live in comfort at Blenheim, and tell her she need not expect more till she had shown herself capable of politeness. But he knew he would not do this, and with an effort dismissed the ill-mannered old lady from his mind.

      "Oh, Joe!"

      "Know you!know you!" she repeated, starting from the seat she had taken beside him, and retreating a few steps."Yes, grain that's fertilised with the rotting remains of all that ought to have made your life good and sweet."

      "Rose, marry me.""Rose, Rosemy dear, my liddle dearyou d?an't mean"

      They had both said more than they intended, and suddenly realised it. Though the self-betrayal meant most to Alice, she was the first to recover a steady voice."Perhaps you will be out of it some day."


      "With King Richard and the true commons!" was the reply. "Is it not Stephen Holgrave?" continued the galleyman, holding out his hand.


      "Sir Treasurer, think you to scare him who leads the Kentish men? Kirkby, drag the antichrist from the altar!"


      Edith entered the cottage, her hand resting for support upon the shoulder of her sonfor she was feeble, though not so much from age as from a weak constitution. As she stepped over the threshold she devoutly crossed herself; and when they stood upon the earthen floor, she withdrew her left hand from the arm that supported her, and, sinking upon her knees, and raising up her eyes, exclaimed