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      I have never spoken a word of love to you, he said; that would have been dishonorable; but there are other ways of telling a woman you love her besides open speech. You must have known that I cared for you.

      She fell asleep asking herself the question, and she woke the next morning with the question still unanswered. It was rather later than her usual hour when she emerged from the hut and stood, with her hand shading her eyes, looking down at the camp, which was already in the full swing of its daily work. She usually ran round before breakfast to see her horse, and to take it a slice of bread and a piece of sugar; but this morning she stood still at the door of the hut and looked dreamily about her, the horse forgotten for the first time.

      She followed him and leaned her elbow on his shoulder.

      Varleys reply came in due course. He wished his Esmeralda all the happiness in the worldas did all the campbut he would not come to England. He, too, put a postscript to remind her that her promise still held good, and that, if ever she was unhappy, she was to go straight back to Three Star, where loving hearts awaited her.


      She did not resist as he drew her round slightly so that he could see the whole of her face, but she was passive only, and her eyes looked over his head and beyond him with a dull kind of resentment.She was not altogether unhappy yet; but she was feeling just a little dull, notwithstanding the novelty of her surroundings. She was getting used to the luxury and splendor of Lady Wyndovers house, and just a tiny bit tired of driving to shops and buying endless thingsdresses, hats, jackets, ornamentswhich sometimes seemed to her downright ugly, but which Lady Wyndover assured her were the right things. Once or twice they had gone to a jewelers in Bond Street, and bought some jewels, which Esmeralda had admired, but anything but enthusiastically, and, of course, with no appreciation[66] of their value. As she walked along the side of the Row, with her light, graceful gait, utterly unconscious of the admiring gaze of the few persons whom she passed, she was picturing to herself the camp, with its crowd of rough miners, and hearing the click of the pick and the rattle of the cradle.


      As Esmeralda entered the hall, Ada Lancing came down the stairs. Esmeraldas heart beat fast and then seemed to stop, but Lady Ada came toward her with a smile and a pleasant, unembarrassed greeting. She would have offered to kiss her, but Esmeralda stood away from her a little and only offered her hand. Lady Ada looked at her with an instants scrutiny, then went to Trafford.


      And now what was she to do? Whatwhat?