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      "Shet up," said Shorty savagely. "I don't want to hear a word o' that kind. He pulled his hat down over his eyes, rammed his hands deep in his pockets, and strode off, trying to whistle

      The teamster did as he was bid, and drove on till they came up to where the boys were sitting on a fence-corner waiting for them.

      "Good-by, boys. Lick the life outen Ole Bragg," quavered Grandfather Onslow, waving his hand after them.That night, after the battle had ceased, Si and Shorty were seated on a rail by the Nashville pike munching rations which they had luckily found in a thrown-away haversack. They were allowed no fires, they had no blankets nor overcoats, and it was bitter cold.

      "Just right," said Shorty gleefully. "It'll stick out two feet all around. It's the aristocratic, fashion able thing now-a-days to have wide cornishes. Remember them swell houses we wuz lookin' at in Louisville? We're right in style with them."

      "I ain't gwine t', and yo' can't make me," she said defiantly.


      "Is it a bargain?" she said suddenly, stretching out her long, skinny hand."Well, come right up on the porch and set down. You must be awful tired. Le'me carry your gun and things for you."


      "That's so," assented Si. "The orders are to observe this crick, and we can't do it if we can't see the other bank. We ought to git over to that island."


      Finally, it occurred to Ike that they were talking entirely too freely before the prisoners, unless they105 intended to kill them outright, for they were giving information in regard to the position and operations of rebel bands that might prove dangerous. He drew his squad off a little distance to continue the discussion. At first they kept their eyes on the prisoners and their guns ready to fire, but as they talked they lost their watchful attitude in the eagerness of making their points.