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      "Unless there are other letters," he concluded."Well, go get some sleep.--No, go at once; you'll be called when needed."

      Balmayne came with his burden, which he flung in and covered with a rug. He pulled at the lever, and the great machine started, and then dragged, as if some great weight was hanging on behind.

      When I said I would try she looked distressfully unassured and I added "I'll do whatever risks no life but mine."Mamie drank greedily and thirstily. Then her head dropped and her eyes closed. With her heart still beating furiously, Hetty ran down the stairs. There was nobody in the morning room but Countess Lalage. She was smiling in a contemptuous manner.

      "What do you see?" His frown scared me to my finger-tips.

      "Yes, and of course I had to take the upper fork. I am glad you said that yesterday morning; it came as sometimes the artillery, eh?--just at the right moment."


      "Two--what?" His smile broadened. "You know that?"