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      "Yes, certainly. It will take time of course, but the damage done to the St. Rombout church214 and the palace is not irreparable; the church has suffered very much, the spire is less damaged."

      What is the use of taking care of ones health? she would say when her friends were anxious about her. What is the good of living?

      The Abbess of the Abbaye-aux-Bois, hearing that a pilgrim was in the habit of coming into the Abbey Church during dinner time when nobody was there, had her watched, and discovered that it was the Duchesse de Noailles, who would stand for an interminable time before a statue of the Virgin, talking and even seeming to dispute with it.

      "Yes, men, what the gentleman says is true."Pauline, who was very delicate, never took proper care of herself, and was always having dreadful trials, began by being very ill. When she was better they established themselves in a pretty cottage by the Thames at Richmond. But in a short time her husband, who hated emigrating, heard that the property of emigrants was being sequestrated, and in spite of his wifes remonstrances, insisted on returning to France, hoping to save his fortune; [228] and begging his wife to be prepared to rejoin him there if he should send for her when she had regained her strength.

      Robespierre is dead! Notre Dame de ThermidorEnd of the TerrorThe prisons openDecline of Talliens powerBarrasNapoleonNotre Dame de Septembre!M. OuvrardSeparates from TallienHe goes to EgyptConsul in SpainDies in ParisTrzia stays in ParisIngratitude of some she had savedMarries the Prince de ChimayConclusion.

      brought up in the thick of things entirely lack.


      Is it thinkable that persons in that frame of mind would take up arms and invite the enemy's revenge upon themselves and those near and dear to them, a revenge of which they were so mortally afraid?"So this brave lady succeeded in getting the sentence of death withdrawn. But the Germans wanted to torture their wretched prisoners on any or no plea. They were placed near the church wall, kept standing there all night, were told that they would be shot by and by, and threatened by the soldiers with their bayonets.


      You know. I want liberty.


      149 "I prohibit all shooting in the towns without the order of an officer.M. de Montagu was now with the troops of the Duc de Bourbon, and hearing he was to pass through Lige, Pauline went there to see him, and waited at an inn to which she knew he would go. Though he was overjoyed at this unexpected meeting, he had to leave the same day, as an engagement was imminent, and he remarked that those who were accused of being the last to join the army must not be last on the battlefield.