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      Keeling felt a keen and secret enjoyment over this. He knew quite well what she must have seen, namely the fact that he was a yearly subscriber of 10, as set forth on the subscription board. He had no temptation whatever to tell her who was the anonymous donor of the new wing. She would hear that to-morrow, and in{238} the meantime would continue to consider him the donor of 10 a year. He liked that: he did not want any curtailment of it.

      Only the promptest and most fortuitous action upon the Doctor's part averted something inconceivably disastrous.Alice assumed a slightly nippy look.

      My informant's head drooped low and she murmured, "It was I."

      The figure stopped with startling suddenness, but offered no explanation.

      The party was shown to a large room at the rear of the house. Frank suggested that a front room would be preferable; but the Doctor told him that in a Japanese hotel the rear of the establishment was the place of honor, and that in a hundred hotels of the true national type he would probably not be located half a dozen times in a front apartment. The room where they were was very speedily divided into three smaller ones by means of paper screens, such as we find in every Japanese house, and which are known to most Americans in consequence of the large number that have been imported in the last few years. They can be shifted with the rapidity of scenes in a theatre, and the promptness with which the whole appearance of a house can be changed in a few minutes is an approach to the marvellous.

      She joined in his mirth. A little later it was before she had the last word.


      Keeling thought for half a minute, drumming with his fingers on the table.THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST. THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST.


      We went on some steps in silence and entered the gate of the house-grove; and just as Ferry would have replied we discovered before us in the mottled shade of the driveway, with her arm on Ccile's shoulders as his lay on mine, and with her eyes counting her slackening steps, Charlotte Oliver. They must have espied us already out in the highway, for they also were turned toward the house, and as we neared them Charlotte faced round with a cheery absence of surprise and said "Mr. Smith, don't we owe each other a better acquaintance? Suppose we settle up."


      No, no, said Mr Silverdale hurriedly.