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      "She must not die!" he muttered to himself,"that would set Arling free too soon. The longer and slower her convalescence, the better,but she must not die!"

      "Nothing, if your sorrow is that true sorrow which means repentance, and goes hand-in-hand with atonement. Forgive me, my dear friend, for presuming to speak unreservedly to you. If I try to find out the nature of your wound it is only that I may help you to heal it. Ever since I have known you I have seen the tokens of a wounded heart, a bruised and broken spirit. I saw you surrounded with all the blessings that make woman's lot happy. It was hardly possible to conceive fairer surroundings and truer friends. Can you wonder, then, if my compassionate interest was awakened by the indications of a deep-rooted sorrow for which there was[Pg 261] no apparent cause? I saw your emotion in church, saw how quickly your heart and mind responded to the appeal of religionsaw in you a soul attuned to heavenly things, and day by day my interest in you and yours grew stronger. The hope of seeing you again, of helping you to bear your burden, of ultimately lightening it, was one of my reasons for coming to Rome. I felt somehow that you and I had not met in vainthat my power to move you was not without a meaning in both our lives; that if, as I thought, you needed spiritual help and comfort, it was my vocation to help and comfort you. And so I came to Rome, and so I found out where you spent your quiet hours, and so I have followed you here this afternoon. Tell me, Mrs. Disney, did I presume too much? Was it the preacher's vanity or the priest's intuition that spoke?""Why, of course, you will see her married, whether she be married in Rome or at Trelasco. That is no argument."

      "Going away! Where?"

      "Who is Mr. Hulbert?"

      "No, it isn't on that account. Mrs. Baynham offered to take me in her party. But I really would much rather not be there. It would seem horrid to me to be dancing in a great, dazzling room, among happy people, while Martin is in Burmah, perhaps in peril of his life on that very night. One can never tell. I often shudder at the thought of what may be happening to him while I am sitting quietly by the fire. And what should I feel at a ball?"A man in plain clothes, who looked more like a valet than a butler, answered the bell.


      For more than a week after the birth of her baby Isola's condition had satisfied the trained nurse and the kindly doctor. She was very white and weak, and she showed less interest in her baby than most young mothersa fact which Mr. Baynham ascribed to over-education."Where can my nephew be?" he exclaimed in perplexity and even displeasure.


      "Not now," repeated Carice, wonderingly. "When was he here, then?""One, sir;here it is. I think master said he had them from Doctor Remy."