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      "Well, Backfield, I'm sorry about this young scapegrace of mine. But boys will be boys, you know, and we'll make it all right about that cow. I promise you it won't happen again."

      In addition to this annual exhibition of mirthful mummery, the town of Winchcombe was enlivened by a fair, periodically held, on the festival of All-hallows. The fair-green lay just beyond the town, enclosed on one side by the town walls, and on the opposite by an abrupt, wooded hill. All Winchcombe was in a bustle; the ale-houses were crowded with visitors, and the streets filled with strangers; young artizans or yeomen were escorting their favourite damsels to the fair, to shew their gallantry by purchasing some of the various articles so temptingly displayed, as presents for the maidens. Bodkins and fillets for the hair, and ribbons of every colour, except scarlet or crimson; and furs, principally cat-skin; and spices, and fine and coarse cloths of medley, and russets, and hoods, and mittens, and hose, were amongst the miscellaneous wares exhibited for sale."Yes, if he'd stayed he'd never have married Miss Bardon and had his name in all the papers."

      "He's better have some warm ale," said the old man we have before mentioned, with a sneer"these garments seem to weigh down the spirit of our new guest."I was going to typewrite these at once, she said, if youll allow me, and then go and help Charles in the book department.

      "What dost thou here, monk?" asked De Boteler, sternly, "after my orders that you should never more enter this hall."

      I dont quite catch what you said, John, she remarked. Perhaps you can tell me what the sermon was about this morning.{21}




      "The child is exceedingly like you!" remarked Richard.