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      Since that day a whole winter had passed, and Lyrcus seemed to love Byssa more and more tenderly. There was only one subject on which the husband and wife held different opinions. When Lyrcus saw the other women flocking to Melites sanctuary he often wished that Byssa should accompany them. But8 Byssa was inflexible. Remember your promise to my father, she said. Whatever may befall me, I shall never forget his counsel: Do not abandon Zeus Hypsistos, that Zeus Hypsistos may not abandon you. And so the matter rested. But when a Phoenician ship came to the coastfor in those days the Phoenicians were the only people who dared to sail across the seaLyrcus bought the finest stuffs, ornaments, and veils. It seemed as though he could not adorn Byssa enough, she was to be more richly attired than any of the Cychrean women.


      Greenleaf left his horse tied and walked apart with Anna. This, he murmured, was the last time they would be together for years."What! she knows already?"

      Of course! What an idiot I was not to think of it at once! That is where she has gone! He tore out his watch, then[260] groaned. I was thinking that I had only to catch a train to overtake her. But she must be on the sea by this time!

      Wheres the bag?


      The old man seized his masters hand and kissed it. At that moment he would have died for him.


      He looked at his revolver, braced himself to the occasion, as the French say, and stood pale and erect. He knew what he intended to do: he would fire above Varleys head.Trafford smiled.


      What do you mean? he asked, hoarsely."Jerry! you cut me to the heart!"