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      The woman shrugged her round brown shoulders from which the rebozo had fallen quite away, and dropped her long lashes. "No se," she murmured.

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      As Larry banked and came around on a new slant across the hydroplanes path, which seemed not so true to the straight line as it had been, Dick secured a parachute-equipped landing flare, sent it over safely past the wings, and watched the white glare light up the surface of the water.

      Dreams, like oracles, were occasionally employed for the conversion of infidels. An incident of the kind is related by Aelian, a writer who flourished early in the third century, and who is remarkable, even in that age, for his bigoted orthodoxy. A certain man named Euphronius, he tells us, whose delight was to study the blasphemous nonsense of Epicurus, fell very ill of consumption, and sought in vain for help from the skill of the physicians. He was already at deaths door, when, as a last resource, his friends placed him in the temple of Asclpius. There he dreamed that a priest came to him and said, This mans only chance of salvation is to burn the impious books of Epicurus, knead the ashes up with wax, and use the mixture as a poultice for his chest and stomach. On awakening, he followed the divine prescription, was restored to health, and became a model of piety for the rest of his life. The same author gives us a striking instance of prayer answered, also redounding to the credit of Asclpius, the object of whose favour is, however, on this occasion not a human being but a fighting-cock. The scene is laid at Tanagra, where the bird in question, having had his foot hurt, and evidently acting under the influence of divine inspiration, joins a choir who are singing the praises of Asclpius, contributing his share to the sacred concert, and, to the best of his ability, keeping time with the other performers. This he did, standing on one leg and stretching out the other, as if to show its pitiable condition. So he sang to his saviour as far as the strength of his voice would permit, and prayed that he might recover the use of his limb. The petition is granted,230 whereupon our hero claps his wings and struts about with outstretched neck and nodding crest like a proud warrior, thus proclaiming the power of providence over irrational animals.352


      A smile, inscrutable in the dark, crossed his face, twisted his lips. He turned into the hangar.Cairness stood up, ran his hands into his pockets, and going over to the window looked down at the geraniums as he had done once, long before.


      The gauges were out of commission and they had to figure the amount they secured from the size of the pipe and time that the gas flowed.