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      "And now," proclaimed Mandeville, "you'll see them form into line fazed to the rear!" And Flora, seeing and applauding, saw also Anna turn to her suitor a glance, half pity for him, half pleading for his pity.

      Forgive me, Ada, he murmured, penitently; but, even as he spoke, he looked across the room at Esmeralda, and her face, radiant with happiness, smote him with remorse.

      "Oh, by Jove, Hilary, it serves you right for singing them!"

      She is aliveshe is alive! he said.



      The five talked of the wedding. Just to think! 'Twas barely a month ago, they said.They had often danced together, and they moved as one. Esmeralda watched them with admiration that was not untinged by faint envy. Every now and then Trafford felt Adas hand grip his spasmodically, and presently she drooped upon him heavily.


      Forgive me! he pleaded. Please, please forgive me! The difference in dress, the How brave it was of you!Whats the shindy, Bill? asked Varley, as the empty tumbler was taken away from him.