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      No, Lord Trafford, he said, I have not had any good news for many years past. Sometimes I have thought that you half suspected me of croaking without due causeand, indeed, I have, from a natural dislike to causing you pain, concealed the extremity of our case; but Lord Selvaine tells me that you now wish to know exactly how we stand, and I have drawn up an exact statement that you may see for yourself how grave our position is.

      Varley Howards pallid face did not move a muscle, not even when the child caught hold of the carefully trained mustache, which, in conjunction with the dark eyes and soft, languid voice and graceful figure of the gambler, had worked so much havoc in the female hearts of many a rough camp and civilized town.

      She sat before him now, flushed and agitated, with lowered eyelids, and one hand restlessly moving about the papers on her blotting-pad.The other men looked up from their letters and stared at the bundle, a soft something wrapped in an old mail-bag.

      "What would you have done, Martin?" she asked, in a low voice, with her face still hidden against his breast, his arms still round her.Let it alone, he said again. You mean well, and I am not ungrateful; but you make my task harder instead of easier. You make me feel ashamed. Will you dance with me?

      "Oh, that would be horribletoo horrible. But I will confess to him; I will tell him everythingon my deathbed. Yes, when life is ebbing, when the end is close, I will tell him. He shall know what a false and perjured creature I am. I swore to himswore before God that I was true and faithfulthat I loved him and no other. And it was true, absolute truth, when I took that oath. My sin was a thing of the past. I had loved another, and I had let my love lead me into sin. And then my husband asked me if[Pg 267] I had been true and pure always; always. 'Is that true, Isola? I call upon God to hear your answer,' he said. And I answered yes, it was true. I lied before God rather than lose my husband's love; and God heard me, and the blight of His anger has been upon me ever since, withering and consuming me."

      Shall we go? she asked.


      It was the last popular waltz they were playinga waltz that had been last summer's delight in the arid gardens of South Kensington"Il n'y a que toi;" a waltz with a chorus which the band trolled out merrily, at intervals, in the French of Stratford atte Bow.


      She obeyed instantly. He went with her to the foot of the stairs, and when she had disappeared, he stood and looked round him. And in his minds eye, he saw a greasy Jew lolling in the carved oak chair, with the tattered flags above him, and the faces of the dead and gone Belfayres looking down from the wall at the vulgar usurper.


      "How can you tell that? You think of them to-night as strangersand they seem intolerable. You would like them after a week, and be warmly attached to them at the end of a month. Why, you have known us for less than three months, and we fancy ourselves quite old friends."