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      "Put to shore quickly," said Richard; "and let us see if those rebels will dare to appear in harness before their king!""How much? why, two shillings a pound," said Mrs. Backfield, rather surprised.

      Margaret felt the falsehood of his reply, but she had not the spirit or language of Edith to reprove it.

      "Thou liest, kern!" said Sir Robert, rising suddenly, and in a voice which made Calverley start back. "My Lord de Boteler, I accuse your steward of bribing yonder caitiff to slay a buck with shafts stolen from Stephen Holgrave, and then to lay the slaughtered animal in Holgrave's barn. I also accuse him of prevailing upon that man's wife to lay the crime of murder upon an innocent woman! And, my lord, if you will hold a court to-morrow morning, one whom I found in the Tower, will prove my charges, and the wronged shall be righted."Reuben sprang to his feet. "YesI do! You're justabout right there. I'm starved fur work. I've never really worked in my life, and now I want to work till I drop. Look at my arm"and he showed them his brown hairy arm, where the muscles swelled in lumps under the skin"that's a workman's arm, and it's never worked yetpr?aperly. You let me send off Blackman and Becky, and see how we manage wudout 'em. I'll do most of the work myself, I promise you. I couldn't have too much."

      "I wonder if Reuben's still at it?" said Harry, as the footpath began to skirt the new land.

      He knew now that Alice was lost. The whole of Boarzell lay between them. He had thought that she would be always there, but now he saw that between him and her lay the dividing wilderness of his success. She was the offering and the reward of failureand he had triumphed over failure as over everything else.

      "Fust you say as how you're happy because you've got nothing, and now you say as everything's yourn. How am I to know wot you mean?"


      "Start not," said he, "John Ball is not come to harm you;he never harmed any to whom God gave the breath of life,neither did he counsel the blood which has been spilt. A price is set upon his headbut think ye the homeless wanderer fears to die? Baron of Sudley, I have come thus far to tell you what I told you once beforethat if ye will swear to set free the bondmen of Sudley, the child you mourn as dead shall be restored to you!"



      Meridiana's low sing-song continued: