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      I find it hard to realize, too, she said.

      Did I? said poor Norman. Yes; I think I did. Itit slipped out in the moment of surprise. Trafford must never know that Esmeralda was the girl he had loved and could not forget. You see, out in the wilds there, people soon get to calling each other by their Christian names. Itsits not so formal, and all that, in a diggers camp.

      She took up her life where she had left it the day Mr. Pinchook had taken her away. Her beautiful horse had been kept for her, as if everybody had expected her to come back, and it welcomed her as if he had been parted from her for only a few days. She strolled about the camp, sat on the edge of the claims, rode up the valley and over the hills with Varley or some of the boys, and took her share in the household duties in the hut, just as of old.As Varley turned to measure the distance, a man came from behind the hut. It was Simon. He stood and stared at the other two with undisguised astonishment. Varley nodded to him.

      As he spoke, he drew his revolver from his belt and examined it with almost a listless air. It seemed as if in his own mind he were quite sure that he should exact the full penalty he deemed payable.The doctor shook him off almost roughly.


      Furtively into a corner fluttered rose and ribbon while the emptied hands extended a counterfeit welcome and beckoned the visitor's aid to close the window. As the broad sash came down, Anna's heart, in final despair, sunk like lead, or like the despairing heart of her disowned lover in the garden, Flora's heart the meantime rising like a recovered kite. They moved from the window with their four hands joined, the dejected girl dissembling elation, the elated one dejection.


      Heres the key, said Esmeralda, who couldnt understand why the girl refused to shake hands.


      I wonder who they were? said Lady Wyndover, plaintively. What were they like?


      The man who had made her prisoner replied in the affirmative.