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      "Aye, aye, so do I," said the young man, evidently agitated; "butlet us talk no more of it."Benjamin occasionally stole afternoons in Ryeif he was discovered there would be furious scenes with Reuben, but he had learned cunning, and also, being of a sporting nature, was willing to take risks. Some friends of his were building a ship down at the Camber. Week by week he watched her grow, watched the good timber fill in her ribs, watched her decks spread themselves, watched her masts rise, and at last smelt the good smell of her tarring. She was a three-masted schooner, and her first voyage was to be to the Canaries. Her builders drank many a toast with Backfield's[Pg 270] truant son, who gladly risked his father's blows to be with them in their work and hearty boozing. He forgot the farmyard smells he hated in the shipyard smells he loved, and his slavery in oaths and rumwith buckets of tar and coils of rope, and rousing chanties and stories of strange ships.

      "I do believe," returned the baron, in a more subdued voice than mortal had ever heard from him before; and he approached the child, who was nestling close to Margaret, and looking around with an abashed but inquisitive countenance.

      No, you have got that wrong, he said. What I said was this,and he repeated itplease attend more closely.

      Punish him by not giving him his slippers. Give them me instead, and Ill wear them when he comes to dinner."Oh, don't leave us!don't leave us!" said Byles, in an agony. "Oh, save me! save me!" sobbed Mary.

      "Thank heaven I saved them rootses!" he muttered as he walked.

      It isnt only his attendance there that I mean,{104} said Mr Silverdale. But you know his Stores are in my parish, and he employs some four hundred work-people there. I went to see him at his office this morning, and asked him if I couldnt have a daily service for them.

      All the more reason for getting home before there are two, said she.



      She laughed one of her coarse screaming laughs, with the additional drawback of mirthlessness; then she went out of the room, leaving Caro sobbing into suety palms.