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      Ladies always want to be helped by their maid, miss, she said. I dont suppose you could hook it properly.Trafford smiled.

      No, no; dont go yet! said Esmeralda, almost hurriedly. I am not tired; andand I am glad to get back to see you, Lilias. Howhow long have Lord Norman andand Lady Ada been here? she asked, inconsequently.The Duke of Belfayre? he said in a perfectly expressionless voice.

      There are some pretty drives about here, he said. The ponies are here, and I have told them to send some horses. You will like to ride.Its Bill the postman, he said.

      Do you mean to say that they have taken Esmeralda away? said Norman, in utter amazement.

      To London?


      II do not know, she replied.


      Yesyes, I shall marry you, Varley, dear, she remarked, coolly, as she wound a wreath of wild flowers round her hat.


      He lifted the wasted form in his arms, and carried her with tenderest care into the next room, and to the pure white bed which had been made ready for her, the long net curtains parted, the coverlet turned down. He laid her there, as he had done many a night during that slow and monotonous journey towards the grave; but her gentle acknowledgment of his carefulness was wanting to-night.[Pg 328] Her head sank upon the pillow, her pale lips parted with a fluttering sigh, and all was still.When they entered the drawing-room, Trafford took her hand, and led her up to Lilias.