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      My idea is that shes doing it all for Mr Silverdale. She could have read to your mother before{148} Dr Inglis went to the Cathedral. Silverdale is the somebody shes doing things for.

      What are you doing? he said, and glancing up he found that for once she was looking at him with contemptuous anger, held perfectly in control.

      They passed a house where some artists were at work with the tools of their trade on the floor before them, forming a neat and curious collection. There were little saucers filled with paints of various colors, and the ever-present teapot with its refreshing contents. There were three persons in the group, and they kept steadily at their occupation without regarding the visitors who were looking at them. They were engaged upon pictures on thin paper, intended for the ornamentation of boxes for packing small articles of merchandise. Larger pictures are placed on an easel, as with us, but the small ones are invariably held in the hand.

      "My lord," answered the monk, still mildly, though in a firmer tone than he had before spoken,

      Mr Keeling ceased to address the larch-trees that were the sponsors of his houses name, and turned round.


      At this moment, the voice of the monk was heard, as he rang the abbey bell, shouting "Murder! sacrilege! Ho! porter! murder!"